by Ciel Tagaza

Previously, I discussed how initiative and self-awareness are important in worship. While it is and must be directed to God, worship also involves introspection. We must also ask ourselves these questions when it comes to worship gatherings:


Ask yourself why you make the effort to attend Mass or worship gatherings. If your mindset is “to be served,” or “to be entertained,” then you are going for the wrong reasons. If there is no choir at church, if the worship ministry’s set list is subpar to your expectations, will it ruin your mood? If your response or your worship is dependent on your feelings, you are definitely on the wrong track.

If you’re a minister, why do you put so much time, talent and treasure in your ministry? Would you still serve even if you’re tasked to work at the sidelines? Would you still do it even if you don’t feel like doing it?

We only make an effort for something or someone we value. If we value our relationship with God, that’s the only motivation we need. He is the only reason we need.


We were made to glorify God. That is our purpose. And we glorify God by our works, by serving others. We must not attend Mass and worship gatherings as mere spectators, but as servants of the Lord. Worship is, after all, sacrificial and service in nature. It does not start and end with singing worship songs.

Do you have a ministry? It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are placed. Your position does not change your purpose. Our common purpose is to glorify and serve God by serving others from all sides. This is all-around worship – not just by the praise team leading in front, but the worship offered by everyone through their ministry – wherever they may be assigned, whatever their post in a worship gathering.  If we would only think and act like Christ, we would be doing so much better in our respective church ministries. Remember, we are not only representing our church or our community, we are representing Jesus. Whatever we do, whatever our post, we ought to do our service with all our heart and with all our strength as He would.


If you’re part of the congregation, do your part by actively participating in worship, listening to God’s word and responding to it by acting on His word.  The more we know God and love Him, the more we are compelled to follow Him and serve Him. If you find yourself fence-sitting, drifting in and out of church, or always on the receiving end of service, ask yourself what keeps you from serving. The harvest is rich but laborers are few. We are the Body of Christ – His eyes, ears, mouthpiece, hands, feet and we must get to work. We can’t keep receiving without giving.

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