Mary Ministry

The MARY MINISTRY offers a safe place for single women to share about their hopes and dreams, as well as their struggles to wait on the Lord and submit themselves to God’s will. Looking to Mary as their model for chastity and obedience, our single sisters work towards making their souls beautiful for Him who loved them first and will love them forever.




  • Bright Morning Star
    April Cezar They say there is something extra special about people in love.  They radiate an extraordinary glow, or they have this lively gait.   As a single person, I’ve often day dreamt about having a special someone.  In my mind, I would picture a person who’s nothing less than perfect.  But God chose to bless me in ...

  • At The Pleasure Of My Commander
    MM Sillona It all started when I was hit pretty hard, even blindsided, by a rather bad case of “Singles Awareness Day”. Valentine’s Day has long since passed and the last wedding I went to was months ago, and yet there I was crumbling into the singlehood blues for no apparent reason. All of a sudden, ...

  • Embracing The Gift Of Singleness
    Mel Ignacio Tempongko I’m 35 years old and I have been married for little over a year now but I decided to write about embracing the gift of singleness. Why? Because when I was single, there were times when I got so caught up with myself and what I didn’t have – a boyfriend. Yet, despite these ...

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