Who We Are

We are a community centered on Christ, that worships Him in Spirit and in Truth, and strongly defends the Catholic Faith. We are a safe haven for seekers and believers, neither condoning nor condemning, but instead offering the truth while speaking it with an abundance of love.

We are a Catholic Community.
We abide by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and stand ready to give a defense for the Faith we profess. Our purpose is not to convert non-Catholics to our religion but to invite detached Catholics to deeper faith.

We are a charismatic community.
Our communal worship is characterized by lively and expressive singing, raising and clapping of hands, and the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We are a catholic (all-embracing) community.
We welcome all people with the desire to know, love and serve God. While we accept them regardless of their past, political views or sexual orientation, we expect all our members to act in ways that promote unity amid diversity in community and that are consistent with our Catholic faith

We are an imperfect community.
And we make no claims to the contrary. If we are already perfect, we would have no need of God’s grace anymore. Living Hope is composed of sinners coming together in a perfect fellowship of the weak. None of us is without fault; therefore, we do not condemn others’ mistakes and weaknesses. All of us are called to grow as persons and as Christians; therefore, we do not condone acts of stubborn refusal to change sinful ways.

We are LIVING HOPE, a community called in love and called to love always in all ways.

Our Mission

To keep hope alive in the hearts of God’s people by actively sharing God’s Word, awakening the desire to enjoy God in worship, and offering an alternative culture that witnesses to God’s reign in our lives.

Our Prayer Meetings

The community meets every Friday from 8-10PM. For more information please email inquiry@livinghopecircle.com.

Our Spiritual Director

sr. bubbles
Sr. Nerissa (Bubbles) Bandojo is the Regional Superior of the Religious of the Cenacle and a co-anchor of the DZMM program Usapang Kapatid (aired every Saturday, 11pm-12mn). She has been guiding the Living Hope Catholic Charismatic Community since 2003.

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